The Stryker Local Schools Board of Education appreciates having school district residents, staff, students, and other interested persons attend its meetings. As a resident of the Stryker Local School District, you have local control over your public schools. Your Stryker Local School District Board of Education cordially invites you to attend board meetings and to take an active role in the educational affairs of your community.

The decisions of your elected board of education affect your child, your child's future, your tax rate, and the well-being of your community.

Mission Statement

At Stryker Local Schools, we believe that all students are unique individuals, yet they are also members of a larger community. Therefore, it is our mission to:

  • Recognize that people learn in different ways, so we must create educational experiences that will be accessible and meaningful to all kinds of learners;
  • Offer students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and character to become lifelong learners and to develop their natural gifts;
  • Use a teamwork approach with students, parents, staff members, and community members to create an atmosphere that encourages positive self-esteem.


Board of Education

 Board Members
Tracy Wyse
Chris DeGroff
Sharon VonSeggern
Jason Leupp
Ben Woolace



Mr. Nate Johnson, Superintendent

Mr. Dave Schultz, 
K-12 Principal


Ms. Richelle Oberlin



to the


Stryker Local Schools


Board of Education Meeting




      Stryker Local Schools       400 South Defiance Street Stryker, OH 43557


FAX 419-682-2646




Public Meetings

The Board of Education regularly meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Special meetings are held at other times for school matters which need the Board’s attention. Most meetings are held in the Art room located in the High School. All Board meetings are open to the public and the media are notified of the meetings. From time to time meetings may be rescheduled at a different date due to conflicts.

Executive Sessions

Ohio Law permits the Board to hold executive sessions during meetings. During these sessions, the Board may discuss:

  1. Personnel matters
  2. Purchase of property for public purposes
  3. Negotiations with employees
  4. Pending or imminent court action
  5. Matters to be kept confidential by federal law or state statues
  6. Specialized details of security arrangements

Executive sessions are for discussion only and the Board cannot take any action during executive session.

The Agenda

The agenda for each board meeting is prepared by the superintendent in consultation with the board president. The tentative agenda along with all supporting material is delivered to all board members for their review prior to the board meeting. The tentative agenda is available to the news media and interested citizens who file a written request to the treasurer.


Meeting Dates


All meetings scheduled for

6:30 PM

in the High School Art Room

Order of Business

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Treasurer’s Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report
  • Public Participation
  • Departmental Reports
  • Principals Report
  • Superintendent’s Report’s
  • Executive Session (if needed)
  • Adjournment

Questions and Concerns

Parent's questions regarding individual students should be discussed with the teacher first and then, if necessary, with the principal or administrator who is closest to the situation. If still further discussion seems necessary, the question can be referred to the superintendent, who may consider the matter himself or assign a staff member to resolve it. This procedure has been effective for most people because a direct response is obtained by the questioner and at the same time, frees the board to consider matters that affect the entire district.


Guidelines for Public Participation

In order for the Board to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda, a maximum of thirty (30) minutes of public participation will be permitted at each meeting. Each statement made by a participant shall be limited to five (5) minutes duration. All persons wishing to participate in a public board meeting shall register their intent with the treasurer twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting and include:

  1. Name and address of participant
  2. Group affiliation, if and when appropriate
  3. Topic to be addressed

The period of public participation may be extended by a vote of the majority of the Board. Each person addressing the Board will give his/her name and address.

Board Responsibility

The Board of Education…

  • Is a policy-making body that functions according to the mandates of state law;
  • Represents the State of Ohio and the citizens of Stryker on all matters and decisions dealing with public education;
  • Acts as a committee-of-the-whole on matters requiring official decisions. No board member has independent authority to speak for the board;
  • Manages resources wisely;
  • Authorizes the appointment of the superintendent, treasurer, teachers and other staff members.